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Entry fees

1-2 entries: $225 each

3+ entries: $199 each


Submit entries by August 18, 2022

Submit bottles by August 18, 2022

Send (1) 750ml bottle for each entry to:

Whiskey and Barrel Consumer Choice Awards

1862 E Belvidere Road, Suite 111

Grayslake, IL 60030


100% Credit for your award entry fees towards a booth/exhibitor space at one of our Whiskey and Barrel Nite events of your choosing.  Fall 2022: Pleasanton CA, Chicago, Los Angeles  or  Spring 2023: New York, Tampa, Washington D.C.  Visit for event details.

Optional – A single advance fee of $199 covers all digital artwork and open licensing for all submitted entries for each brand.

Physical medals, when applicable, are automatically sent out and included in the entry fee at no additional cost.

If no medal is awarded, the $199 is refunded back to you or credited to next year, at your discretion.


The Whiskey and Barrel Consumer Choice Awards (WABCCA) judge whiskies commercially available in the year submitted or coming soon. This competition is open to all producers, importers and distributors.

Entries can be submitted via the online entry form below.  Invoicing is available upon request.

We only require ONE 700ml or 750ml bottle for each entry.  Bottles to be received by August 18, 2022.

Samples need to have a clean appearance as they will likely be photographed and published.  Please ship/package them so they do not scuff in transit.  Do not place any stickers on the bottles or obstruct front labels.

All samples supplied to WABCCA become the property of the WABCCA.

Product Categories : please refer to this chart when filling out the form.


110 American Single Malt Whiskey
111 American Whiskey
112 American Whiskey – Single Barrel/Special Release
113 Bourbon Whiskey – Batched/Small Batch
114 Bourbon Whiskey- Single Barrel/Special Release
115 Tennessee Whiskey
116 Finished American Whiskey – Bourbon
117 Finished American Whiskey – Non Bourbon
118 Rye Whiskey – American
119 Rye Whiskey – Canadian
120 Rye Whiskey – Single Barrel/Special Release
121 Canadian Whisky
122 Flavored Whiskey
123 Independent Bottler North American Whiskey


150 English and European Whisky – not Scotch or Irish
151 Japanese Whisky
152 Taiwanese Whisky
153 Indian Whisky
154 Australian Whisky
155 Other International Whiskies
156 International Whisky – Single Barrel/Special Release


130 Blended Scotch
131 Single Malt Peated
132 Single Malt Unpeated
133 Independent Bottler Scotch Whisky
134 Scotch Single Barrel/Special Release


140 Irish Blended Whiskey
141 Irish Single Malt
142 Irish Pot Still
143 Independent Bottler Irish Whiskey
144 Irish Whiskey – Single Barrel/Special Release


160 English and European Whisky – not Scotch or Irish
161 Japanese Whisky
162 Taiwanese Whisky
163 Indian Whisky
164 Australian Whisky
165 Other International Whiskies
170 Independent Bottler International Whisky – Single Malt or Blend
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